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Emily Segal

The Estate Settlers LLC

Senior Transition Coordinators


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The Estate Settlers LLC
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Marketing Director
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561-207-7654 x3
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20423 State Rd 7
suite F6-273
Boca Raton FL 33498
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The Estate Settlers is based in Boca Raton, FL and is your CARING SOLUTION during emotional and trying times. This may include downsizing, relocation of a senior family member, or the coordinating of the dismantling of an estate. It is often experience that is needed to help make the right decisions, and get the job done quickly, efficiently and with great compassion.
We are not a one size fits all service. Each estate is different and the services provided must be tailored to the individual client. An independent assessment from us provides advice and counsel from a background of years of experience. With our first FREE CONSULTATION we contribute intelligent information from which you can make informed decisions. We are a provider of services. Choose to have your needs fulfilled from all that we can do for you. Bring us in and let us help you.
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Senior Transition Coordinators
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Senior Move Managers

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